Osage County Commission
Osage County, Kansas Courthouse
717 Topeka Ave, Lyndon, KS 66451

Location: Osage County Commission Room, Osage County Courthouse
Date: February 6, 2023
Time: 8:30 a.m. 
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8:30  Call Meeting to Order

Additions or Deletions to the Agenda – Approval of Agenda

Public Comments

Brad Vignery.

Approval of Minutes

Consent Agenda

1 Hailey Marple. Employee benefits.

2 Stephanie Burdett, Human Resources. Payroll benefits and payment reporting.

3 9:30 AM Ryan Fine, Public Works with David Combes, Olivet Township. Proposal for shutting down 317th street at RR crossing. 

4.Kevin Culley, Noxious Weeds. Discussion of bids.

5.10:00 AM Yana Ross, Kcamp. Work Comp. Presentation of discounts and county vs. individual. (about 30 minutes)

6.10:30 Franny Deters, Senior center. Monthly report.

7 Katelyn Miner, Health Dept.   Needs signature for grant.

8 Melissa Krause, Land use.   New computer paperwork.

Correspondence to Council – none

Unfinished Business

New Business

Executive Sessions

Christine Foster, treasurer. Tax payment policy.

Christine Foster, treasurer.   PO’s

Christine Foster, treasurer. Follow-up from last week. (about 30 minutes)

Christine Foster, treasurer, Non-elected personnel.

Heather Kuder, County Commissioner.  Non elected personnel.

Heather Kuder, County Commissioner.  Attorney client privilege.

Staff Reports

Attorney Report

Council Comments and Reports

Abatement for personal property, Real Estate and Trucks. 

Sign Purchase order for Zajic Flooring Inc. Court house building maintenance. Already approved.

Proposal for budget prep training.

Postal Service in Vassar