How do I register a newly purchased vehicle?

Did you get a new vehicle or are you thinking about it? This process can be troublesome, we know - there are so many different rules, forms and requirements! We're here to help get you prepared so your visit can be a breeze......

Watch the calendar - Recently purchased vehicles must be registered within 60 days of the purchase date. You can purchase a 60-day permit which is only allowed to be issued one-time per vehicle sale.

Legally - Motor vehicles must be titled in the state and county where the vehicle is garaged in the state of Kansas. 

Required documents/documentation:

1.  PROOF OF IDENTITY: A valid form of government issued identification is required to complete the transaction 

2. TITLE or CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: The new owner's name and Kansas driver's license number MUST be assigned on the back of the title

*If your title is not a Kansas title, you must have a Kansas vehicle VIN inspection which can be performed at the Sheriff's office. They will require a $20 cash payment, physically see your vehicle and review the title. They then provide you proof of your valid inspection - bring this with you as well

3. BILL OF SALE or PURCHASE ORDER:  Documentation showing the purchase price, sales tax paid, date of purchase, and other pertinent information

4. PROOF OF INSURANCE: Proof of insurance on the newly purchased vehicle must be provided

5. OTHER DOCUMENTS: Repossession affidavit or any other documentation provided to you in order for you to title the vehicle

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1. How do I register a newly purchased vehicle?