Personal Property Deadlines

Last Day For      Date    K.S.A
Taxpayers to file personal property rendition March 15 79-306
Taxpayers to file oil and gas property rendition April 1 79-332a
County to mail valuation notices  May 1 79-1460
Taxpayers to file Equalization Appeal  May 15 79-1448
Informal meeting with County Appraiser  Date Varies  79-1448
County Appraiser to provide final determination  Date Varies  79-1448
County Appraiser to certify values to County Clerk  June 1 79-1467
Hearing Officer/ Panel to hold hearings  July 1 79-1609,79-1611

Hearing Officer/Panel to issue order/ decision July 5 79-1609, 79-1611

Taxpayer to file with board of tax appeals ( 30 days from date of informal decision)  Date Varies  79-1609, 79-1611
County Clerk certifies abstract of value to director of Property Valuation  July 15 79-1604