Vin / Vehicle Inspections

The Osage County Sheriff's Office is a Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) designee for VIN inspections. Having deputies with our agency trained will allow us to come to you, the citizens of Osage County any day of the week. We also have a deputy at the courthouse during normal hours of operation so you can get a VIN inspection completed and then get your registration/tag the same day at the same location. We can inspect clean, out-of-state VINs/titles and antiques (35+ years old.) Any salvage title, quiet title, mechanic's liens, possessory liens, etc. must still be inspected by a KHP inspector. VIN inspections are still the same cost of $20 as when they were performed by KHP. If you wish for a deputy to come to your location in Osage County, please call the Osage County Sheriff's Office dispatch at 785-828-3121 to request an inspection. For salvage titles, VIN inspection referrals, and inspections that we can't do, there will still be a KHP inspector at our jail facility, 702 Ash in Lyndon, on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 9 am until noon